Keenu app – Privacy policy content


This policy sets out the general principles governing the collection and processing of your personal information when you use any Keenu e-money products or services, the website and Keenu App. The purpose of this privacy statement is to inform you of our privacy practices regarding the acquisition, use, processing, and dissemination of your personal information while using our services.

We collect and use personal information as necessary to enable us to provide you with quality services. Your data includes information such as:

1- Full name
2- Residential/mailing address
3- Cell phone number/Contact access
4- Email address
5- Date of birth
6- Debit/Credit card information
7- CNIC and Profile picture
8- Biometric verification
9- Camera access
10- Access to cell phone device
11- Location

Other data that could directly or indirectly identify you.

1- We process your information as per this Protection Strategy and related regulations.
2- We will ensure complete transparency about how we process your data.
3- We just cycle your information for genuine purposes and for the period important to accomplish those reasons. We eradicate your data securely and safely when it is not required again.
4- We give you decision and command over the handling of your information, when legally necessary, yet additionally in different circumstances when we consider it appropriate.
5- We advise you regarding your protection freedom, regard them and assist you with practicing them.
6- We incorporate security and information insurance in our products and administrations as a matter of course naturally. This implies that we focus on the classification of your information and are focused on safeguarding your protection in all that we create.

Personal Data We Collect

Generally, we collect and use your personal information where:

1- We must obtain the needful information to fulfil our requirements under Pakistan’s Anti-money laundering and counter terrorist legislation;
2- The data is essential as far as we're concerned to offer the monetary types of assistance you get from us;
3- The data is required as far as we're concerned to all the more likely work on our administration and your client experience;
4- The data is required as far as we're concerned to assist with safeguarding your security.

Typically, we collect this information:

1- When you sign up, buy, or use our products or services;
2- When you subscribe to our newsletters or promotions about our products or services;
3- At the point when you reach us for data, questions or criticism about our products, administration or site.

We Use Your Data

We generally use this information to perform the relevant service or provide the relevant product;

1- To manage your account
2- To carry out credit checks
3- CNIC and the images of individuals are collected for KYC purposes
4- To request payments
5- To communicate with you
6- To contact the Keenu support line
7- To get fingerprints for biometric verification and to upgrade your limits
8- To check internet accessibility for processing
9- To access device location for financial transactions
10- To modify, edit, or enter a new contact in the phone book
11- To get device ID for transaction, login and signup

We may also collect and process information about you when you consent to us for collecting and processing information.

We will only process your personal information for legitimate purposes, and only for as long as it is necessary to achieve those purposes. We will discard your personal information safely and securely once it is no longer a required subject to applicable laws for retention of data. For example, the State Bank of Pakistan requires that we maintain customer records for 10 years.

1- Right to get your data: You can access and demand a duplicate of the individual data that we hold about you any time by reaching out to us or access the data directly through your e-wallet account.
2- Right to eradication: You can demand that we delete a portion of the individual data we hold about you, given that specific conditions apply:
2.1- The data is not generally required by us and there is no lawful prerequisite for us to hold the data;
2.2- Other lawful grounds which license you to do as such.
2.3- We will do our best in accommodating the request, but please bear in mind that this may result in you being ineligible to receive certain services.