Complaints & Disputes

Keenu is a customer-focused brand and we take pride in how we keep our customers at the center of everything we do. Our promise to our Merchants and App users is an unparalleled experience and everyone on our team is committed to delivering that.
We would love to hear from you and resolve any complaints you may have.

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Information required to file a complaint

Dispute resolution timeline

Complaints Categories Turn Around TIme Description of Complaints
We may segregate the complaints in Minor and Major Categories, depending on the nature of issue.
Minor A
Minor B
3 Working Days May include small issues for example:
Unable to Login, Account Verification, OTP not received.
7 Working Days May include Transaction related issues for example:
Move Money, Add money, Bill Payments, Top-up and Withdrawal.
Major More than 7 Working Days In Case the matter requires detailed investigation, these sorts of complaints may include issues relating to repayment and disputes.
However, Fraud related complaints, the final reply to the complainant to be issued within 30 days.
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