Schedule of Charges

Consumer wallet service (Effective from January 2023)
Features Services Total Fee (Including FED)
Add Money Add Money from any Bank Account Free*
Cash deposit through Meezan Bank Free*
Move Money Send Money to other Keenu account Free*
Send Money to any Bank account " Move Money
(Upto Rs. 25,000)
Send Money to any Bank account
(Rs. 25,000+ to Rs. 200,000)
Group Payments Group Payments Free*
Cash Withdrawal Cash Withdrawal through Meezan Bank's ATM Free*
Mobile Top Ups and
Bill Payments
Mobile Top Ups from any operator Free*
Utility Bill Payments Free*
1BILL Credit Card Payments Free*
Gift Vouchers Gift Vouchers Free*
Account Unblocking
/ Level Ugrading
Account unblocking via biometric verification Free*
Account level upgrade via biometric verification Free*
*Note: These charges are subject to changes.
Version 1.3
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